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The Heritage

The Mae & George brand name is a tribute to our  maternal grandparents.

The story tellers and tradition setters in our family, they reinforced values that shaped their  future generations.

In honor of heritage, legacy and the valuable grey-headed wisdom passed down to us by our grandparents, the Mae & George brand was born.

The Founder

I'm BW, the granddaughter of Mae & George and the founder of Mae & George Home Fragrances.

I've been an Occupational Therapy Assistant for close to 20 years.

For nearly two decades, where appropriate scent has always been incorporated into my clinical practice.

I have always been amazed by the profound impact scent can have on well-being, memory,  mood and motivation. I set out to share my passion for fragrance with others through our home fragrance offerings. 

Since 2020, our capabilities have grown from producing a few candles for family and friends to collaborating on corporate fragrance projects. 

Our sweet spot lies in fragrance customization and corporate gifting.

The Process

About our products

At Mae & George, we believe that every moment deserves to be cherished, every space should exude elegance, and every fragrance should be a symphony of nature's finest ingredients.

With a commitment to creating an exceptional sensory experience, we've curated a collection of home fragrances that embody luxury, sustainability, and craftsmanship.

Presentation is an art form, and we've mastered it with our luxurious branded boxes and tins. The packaging itself is a testament to the sophistication that Mae & George stands for – an embodiment of the essence of our fragrances.

However, our commitment doesn't waver once the last flame has danced. Our candles are poured into simple yet elegant glass tumblers, designed to be reused long after the wax has melted away. A simple wash and a touch of creativity turn our tumblers into functional pieces that grace your spaces for years to come.

Elevate your surroundings with Mae & George, a woman-owned and minority-certified brand that unites opulence with eco-consciousness. Our candles are more than scents; they're reflections of your values and moments.