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A few tips to keep your candle burning like the first time, every time.

1. Don't leave! Never leave a burning candle unattended. If you must leave the candle, be sure to extinguish the wick completely. Ensure there is no afterglow or embering wick.

2. Keep candles away from flammable items or substances. When burning a candle, make sure the area is clear of items that can catch fire.

3. Always burn candle on a level, heat resistant, stable and flat surface.

4. Keep candles away from children and pets. Children and pets could accidentally tip over a candle.

5. Never attempt to move a candle when the wax is liquid or while the candle is burning. Always allow wax to harden and the jar to cool before relighting, touching or moving

6. Keep candles away from drafts, if the flame appears to be unstable, extinguish immediately.

7. Short burns are a "no-no" for the first lighting. When lighting your candle allow the candle to burn long enough for a full melt pool to form. Full melt pools may take from 2-3 hours to form. This prevents the candle from tunneling when you burn it a second time.

​8. If you have to store a candle, keep it in a cool, dry, dark space. Candle oils evaporate in direct light and wax will soften or melt if it's too hot.

9.  Trim those wicks! Always trim your wick to 1/4" before burning. This helps keep the candle flame controlled and minimizes any wisps of smoke while burning.

10. Never burn a candle for longer than 4 hour intervals. 

11. When 1/2" wax is left in the container, discontinue use. This is a good time to look for ways to upcycle that candle jar! Our containers make excellent office decor, planters, etc. Let us know if you need ideas!

12. Keep your wax pool clean. Get rid of those unsightly candle trimmings, they don't look good and they could potentially catch fire too.

13. Extinguish your candle with a snuffer.

14. Do not extinguish a candle with water.

15. Candle containers may be hot. Always allow wax to harden and the jar to cool before relighting, touching or moving. 

*Candles are a fire hazard. Mae & George Home Fragrances, LLC will not be responsible for any damages or losses of any kind due to the use of our products. Your use of products or purchase from Mae & George Home Fragrances, LLC signifies your acceptance of these terms and policies.